I woke up this morning…


~aside~   Always a good start to the day, don`t you think?  Waking up in the morning is good for you, even if your man/woman don`t love you no more, or your pet spider´s hopped it´s clogs. You see, if you wake up things can get better, if you don´t they can´t.


Where was I?  Waking up. That`s what alarm clocks do for/to you, wake you up.

 Mine´s a cheap one,  

it can only be set on the quarter hours.

The choice is set it for half past and stay in bed five minutes longer, or set it for a quarter to and rush.

 Setting it for a quarter to and staying in bed five minutes longer is a nice compromise ;-)


I heaved myself out of the warm, cosy bed into the cold, dark pre-dawn.

A shot of pain, no, a minor nuclear explosion, rocked my skull. Direct hit by a `one too many syndrome.´ Staggered downstairs mentally flagellating myself, “Idiot! Fool! Don`t know when to stop, do you? This is the result!  Prat! Pillock!”

Suddenly searing light hit me in the red, half closed, piggy eyes. I mentally screamed and audibly groaned, ”Light.”

 I was passing a window. Eyes half shut, I squinted through it between my fingers.

My eyes snapped open.(Ouch) OMG! Look at that! Look at the sky, the shadows, the frost, the rime, the everything. Had to get a shot of that.
Scrambled downstairs, grabbed camera, climbed upstairs, all pain forgotten. This was going to be the shot of shots, the non plus ultra sky/dawn shot. The jaw dropper, the gobsmacker, The one to bring tears to old photographers eyes. Eat your heart out cruel wor..……. you catch my drift.

 I took a shot, shot another and another and another. Satisfied, I shumbled downstairs to a frowning breakfast of black coffee, aspirin and vitamin C.

 30 minutes later, feeling I´d returned to the outer fringes of the human race, I take the camera and wander PC wards.

 Plug in-couple up-switch on

  What do we see? The 27 photos of grey paint drying, not what I´d hoped for …….The dissected frog pics, hmmm.. red, messy.

Now what´s this? A fried egg? When did I take that? Don`t remember taking that. There´s another, and another..all out of focus..This one looks a bit like an ugly, out of focus sunrise…aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGH