OK, OK, I have to confess... I once reinstalled the original jUploader to upload some photos to Flickr for my family to see them there. I had to reauthorize the application for the use with Flickr and then I uploaded the photos. Later I wanted to re-use the iperUpload again. It told me I have to reauthorize the application which I tried to do - it did not work. I get the ipernity authorization website and after klicking it says everything is ok. Then I go back to the iperUpload application and it tells me that authorization failed. I found some entries under .java/ in my home directory concerning the jUploader and I deleted them and tried again - it did not work.

Now I tried to revoke the authorization for iperUpload in my preferences here at Ipernity. But it seems to be not possible. The entry stays where it is... iperUpload is still authorized... at least ipernity thinks so... What can I do??


I have no idea what happened in the meantime, but I tried again this evening - and strangely enough, it works again!!!!