I found a myself new way of creating my musical entertainment while being online (and surfing ipernity.com ;-).

I just load images with deezer.com music elements (playing a song I like of course) in a background tab of my browser. If the song is over I open the next one I like to listen to. and there are already lots of picture pages providing music...

* www.ipernity.com/doc/38179/1418939
* www.ipernity.com/doc/45114/2058016
* www.ipernity.com/doc/45114/2514546


The best part of this is that this music is even legal (otherwise than self uploaded mp3...)!


I have just one concern: is deezer.com tracking our listening behaviour...? (And do I mind?)


BTW: for those (like me) who don't know yet how to implement music that way, check out this tutorial. :-)