Since I'll never become a pro in golf I decided to become one at least here at ipernity. ;-) Just sent my money off to france and I hope it will arrive there safe and sound soon. I'd wish becoming a golf pro would be as easy as that. And as affordable like that... ;-)

Anyway. It's not that I'd need the pro-features that hard that I couldn't live without them. Although the replacing pictures feature will be highly appreciated... ;-) ... It's primarily that I just want to support this great team at ipernity as a little sign of respect for their work and the efforts they are putting into this project. They just deserve it.


So, let's rock on!
and share your thoughts how you'd like ipernity to be improved in the Unofficial ipernity Ideas and Wish Group.



[Update 2007-11-05 23:45] That worked faster than I thought. Since of today midday I'm pro! Yeah.