I've placed Steve my assistant in Mobile (Alabama) so that I could return home early enough to be able to hopefully catch the birth of my new grandson during the next few weeks. Being on the road and working long hours means little photo time, but with Kristin and Kolton not around me, there's not that much to photograph, although I had hoped to go to the Pensacola and Mobile area beaches while I was there and get some photo time in. Not taking many new photographs has actually worked to my advantage, as I'm now almost halfway through uploading my old content from Flickr. (I've uploaded almost 350 of 702 "chunks" of photos, meaning I'm almost halfway done.) I'm loving Ipernity, but (to my friends and family) if I haven't visited your site or commented on your photos lately, it isn't intentional. There are only so many hours in a day, and only so much time you can go without sleep without it catching up to you. Here's hoping for a great week for everyone!