finally i found out how to post the democracy in dakar video. thanx to marcel!! :o) well this is the first episode including interviews with keyti, witness and baat sen which was released during the election time in feburary 2007. actually there were so many people coming to senegal for making a reportage about the local hip hop movement in the last years, but none of them was catching the senegalese life so real like the deomocracy in dakar team. one reason i think is that the founder of the project ben herson used to come to senegal and work with senegalese artists for a long time. another reason is that you can discover real underground mc's who are not used to get interviewed that much by journalists from abroad. well i can just repeat myself and say that i love this documentary. not only because it has started in my apartment, but also because i know the senegalese hip hop movement quiete well and that's why i know how hard it is to make things move here.


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