The combination of a new concept in fast food---a free standing Italian food restaurant--and offering a free meal brought us to the opening of italio.
You have a choice of a pasta bowl or a salad bowl or a wrap. Then you choose an entree to add to the above which can be either veggie, chicken, Italian sausage ($6.98 each) steak ($7.48), meatball ($7.28), shrimp ($8.98) or chicken fritte ($7.28). You then get to choose from 11 different sauces, pestos or dressings followed by choosing fresh veggies, italio favorites and cheeses. All are served in a plastic bowl.
They offer sides, a kids meni,. soda, bottled water, iced tea or Italian soda and a dessert of cannoli chips.
I had the pasta bowl mixig whole grain and traditional spaghetti, adding sausge, arrabbiata pesto, peppers and onions and a 4 cheese blend. I had a fountain soda ($1.76). Under regular circumstances I would have paid, with tax, about $9.25.
Due to the free meal promotion there was a long line and many employees but all was handled smoothly and at a good pace.
Though they were very stingy with the initial serving of sauce they will give you more with a smile. Unfortunately the pasta and sauce were room temperature so by the time you get to your table all is cold.
Though the price was right--how can you beat a free entree?--it isn't a place I would visit again though it was clean and the employees were friendly and smiling.