The most often asked question I get living in South Florida is, "How can you live in Florida during the summertime?" Folks, the past couple of weeks we have had lower temperatures than most of the country. Besides we are wide open with 'towering' buildings--maybe 4-5--only downtown and certainly no concrete canyon like NYC that traps the air in.

Also the summer here is known as sweater weather--everywhere you go the a/c is full blast! You go from an airconditioned home to an airconditioned car to an airconditioned work place to an air conditioned restaurant and an air conditioned theatre. You might be out in the heat for 5 minutes a day or else on the beach where there is always a breeze--okay, maybe a warm one! I will admit that you can't dive into the ocean to cool off because in this part of the world the water is as warm as the air!!

We literally, have thousands of Geckos around Gateway and they really help in keeping the insect infestation down. They do get into apartments but leave them be as ants and mosquitoes will 'disappear'! And, of course, pigeons of all colors.

I don't know how they do it but the kids are out every day, no matter how hot, playing basketball or a game of Frisbee football which I had never heard of!


"When it is dark enough,

you can see the stars."

Ralph Waldo Emerson