Last week both Allen and I got 12 pound turkeys and went to work. He made his with blueberries while I went another route. I took a pound bag of noodles using half as stuffing and sprinkling the other half on the outside. I threw about a half a dozen grapes inside and then wiped the breasts with olive oil followed by pouring 2 eight ounce containers of orange juice over the turkey and noodles then covering the turkey breasts with aluminum foil. I then put the turkey in the oven, using the guide I learned years ago which works with most roasts, of 25 minutes per pound and in 5 hours I had a brown, crisp, turkey ready to be served. The outside noodles were like the Chinese noodles you put in soup and the inside noodles were soft and buttery with a hint of orange. It was delicious and then I took all the bones along with the gizzard, liver and neck throwing them in a pot, adding veggies, a can of tomato juice and rice .While Allen is still making meals out of his turkey I am asking "What turkey?"



Noun Homophobia

An extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people.

We have an abundance of people who are gay bashers mentally and/or physically including some who have gay children or are married to gay people. You read their blogs and they have that extreme and irrational aversion to gay people. There has now come a solution to those who don't like the gay 'lifestyle' (whatever that is) 'thrown in their face' all the time. They believe they are superior (HA!) to gay people. They think 2 people of the same sex getting married will ruin their marriage and, even funnier, they think every child NEEDS a mother and father so I wonder how many single parents have raised outstanding citizens, which according to them would be none! They think if gays get married that the world will come to an end as the nongay thinks gay can't reproduce-they have no idea that many fathers, many married men and women are gay plus that many gay families have children. Oh by the way they also think gays want to recruit them---OMG! have they looked in the mirror lately??? Last but not least they truly believe that the world would end if gays got married--hey, nongays do you know that you and your ilk give birth to gay children! The world will always have gay people--yes, even Russia, which is what this is about! Why haven't you packed your bags and gone to Moscow? You can bash, insult, ignore, get them arrested and in all probability can kill a gay person without a single bit of punishment! Plus you can hang out with Snowden, your hero and get out from 'under' your anti-hero Obama.



"I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health and pisses a lot of people off!"