It seems every other block has a Mexican, Cuban or Spanish fast food restaurant franchise and sadly Pollo Tropical doesn't ofer enough to make you want to leave one of the other places and come here.
The only reason we came here was that we had been to a movie, wanted a 'light' bite and I had a coupon "Two can dine for $9.99"--$5 for lunch is a good deal but...
The cashier was of absolutely no help, mumbled and didn't smile. The latter is a real 'bummer' to me.
Allen had the chicken with lettuce 'tropichop and I had the chicken, rice, beans, onion and peppers an order of plantains. He had mango iced tea and I had a diet soda.
Why Allen got shredded dark meat chicken and I got bite sizes of white chicken I don't know, neither does the receipt explain why. The food was just okay.
Maybe there is another fast food franchise that doesn't have soda machines available for refills but this is just the first time I remember that being the case. I didn't want/need a refill but the idea that it wasn't there is just another mark against this place.
I went to their web site to see what the meals would have cost normally but couldn't find prices!!!!
No Pollo Tropical in my future!