You walk into “Red2” knowing exactly what you are getting. After checking your brains at the door you lean back and observe the actors from how beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones is to how much fun Helen Mirren appears to be having even to the point of playing a queen gone mad in one scene. There is John Malkovich playing crazy as only he can and Bruce Willis flipping off repartee as if he was back in “Moonlighting” only this time sparring with Mary-Louise Parker. First spotting Anthony Hopkins you may think Charles laughton has come back to life. With this cast it is hard to stand out but Korean star Byung Hun Lee, as a lethal body weapon, gets laughs with his ‘want my plane back’ tirade at Bruce Willis and Neal McDonough is ready to jump into the next James Bond movie as a villain extraordinaire.

Director Dean Parisot and screenplay writers Erich and Jon Hoeber know they aren’t making a picture for the ages but a fun romp with stellar performers. Yes they throw in a mad scientist, a device that will blow up, if not the world, then at least Moscow. There is a timing device ticking down and wires being cut but suspense is not the name of this game. Have a few car chases, blow up a few more cars, break a lot of glass and have Helen Mirren come out blazing with a gun in each hand plus a sexy scene with her, being a sniper, and Brian Cox enthralled by her and her shooting and her toes curling with each round she fires off and you will be smiling.

What can you expect of a movie that takes place in Paris, France, Moscow, Russia and Teterboro, New Jersey, that also has a subdued, but pounding beat of a music background by Alan Silvestri and throws in “Papa Loves Mambo” sung by Perry Como?

This is the type of movie that throws away a line like “Is that a stick of dynamite or are you just happy to see me?” to burn in your mind and go right on to the next line!

Hot and/or rainy day? Want to forget everything for 2 hours and just relax? Definitely go see “Red2” and watch pros have a good time!