Virginia Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli better stay away from “I’m So Excited” as he recently said that he wants to arrest any male or female, non-gay or gay, engaging in either anal or oral sex and that’s what this film is all about, especially oral sex, along with drugs and alcohol!

There are 3 stewards of which one Joserra (Javier Camara) is having a long time affair with the married with children pilot Alex (Antonio de la Torre), the second Fajas (Carlos Areces) has a 3D set of a religious scene and is into gossip and tossing his hair while Ulloa (Raul Arevalo) believes sex is the answer for everything and has the co-pilot Benito (Hugo Silva) questioning his sexuality. All 3 stewards haven’t found a tequila they can pass by and camp it up lip synching to the Pointer Sisters recording of “I’m So Excited”.

In second class all the stewardesses and passengers have knocked out with drugs making the psychic Bruna (Lola Duenas) who wants to lose her virginity before the plane lands to remark about the smell of farts and most of the film taking place among the business class passengers such as the ‘mule’ (Miguel Angel Silvestre) who keeps his bride (Laya Marti) passed out with the drugs hidden in his butt because it is responsible for her mounting him constantly. Norma (an Almodovar regular Cecilia Roth) a dominatrix, who has lost count of how many clients she has had, has an eye for handsome Infante (Jose Maria Yazpik) and there is a famous actor Ricardo (Guillermo Toledo) who is a serial womanizer. All drink, have sex and pop a drug now and then except for a banker Sr. Mas (Jose Luis Torrijo)a banker who doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the cast but seems to be part of the director/screenplay writer Almodovar’s askew look at current Spain.

Due to a technical difficulty the plane won't land until it finds an appropriate airport and goes around in circles and has to drop a load of fuel before even attempting to land. Though the plane can crash this comedy by Pedro Almodovar is filled with low, camp, trashy, tacky, naughty and attempts to be screwball comedy with moments of being kinky.

This is a silly comedy by one of the best film directors and screenwriters in the business though he can get a lot of smiles having his cast talking about sex, especially oral, sorry Ken Cuccinelli. It is also nice to see Antonia Banderas and Penelope Cruz doing a cameo in the opening of the film.