As Barbra Streisand said, playing Fanny Brice in "Funny Girl", "Oh vey, what a day I had today!" In my case it was a week! (Well, 4 days.)

Until I reached 60 I didn't know the secret that old folks didn't share, tell, the 'kids'--anyone under 60--and that is you will spend most of your daytime hours going to, coming from and waiting in doctor's offices!! It seems each doctor wants to send you to another doctor or they want you to come back, 'in 4-6 weeks'. And people wonder why there is a drain on Medicare!! It wasn't until last year that I decided from now on I will only go to doctors, except my primary, in June and July. This past October I made appointments with my specialists for the 4 Mondays and Tuesdays starting in June.

To make a long story short, not going into details as it isn't necessary, on Monday I was told, 3 times, by my vascular surgeon that amputation of my leg might be possible in the future. (You have a good week, too, Doc!) On Wednesday I went for a contrast scan--thanks for all those who told me 'It is nothing'--you are right, which means stop looking up on the Internet medical problems! It being the July 4th weekend I probably won't hear from my Doc until Monday or Tuesday. According to the Internet it coukld either be an infection or cancer!!! Happy Fourth of July!!! Last but not least--again keep in mind it is the LONG weekend--I split my half lower bridge (for you kids that is teeth!) in half. Mmmm--wonder if my dentist wil be in the office tomorrow or will I be forced to eat pancake and ice cream as I did today--hey, I can only eat soft items. (Not really as I still have most of my own teeth but who could pass up this as an excuse???? NOT ME!!!

Now I have to explain that I don't have a car and at the end of 2008 they discontinued the bus service that stopped in the front of our complex and by taking that bus I was able to connect with buses that could/would take me all over the city. I did apply for a service furnished by the Broward County Transit Authority called Paratransit or TOPS, which is transportation for handicapped people and/or senior citizens. They pick you up and take you anywhere you want to go (doctor appointments, shopping, movies, etc.) letting you off at the door and then will pick you up and return you to where you live. There is a charge of $3.50 each way and you have to call one day in advance. Another long story short--I spent 15 minutes in the doctor's office then 10 minutes talking to him--well his talking to me about amputations!--and going and coming I spent close to 4 hours driving around. It is another long story, involving 2 other riders but we won't go into it! Good thing I always carry a book with me!! By the way I give the driver a tip--and make sure the other rider sees I do.

I love watching a doctor's face when after they say "I'll see you in 6 weeks," and I answer, "Sorry doc but I'll see you next June/July unless there is an emergency and I see you in the hospital!" I always explain that I don't plan to spend half of my senior years going to, coming from and waiting in doctor's offices--I don't see a need to unless something is wrong but to just come in every 6 weeks--8 and 1/2 times a year--so he can get more money from Medicare isn't the answer. Not getting political but if more people had that attitude Obamacare would be a lot cheaper and be able to cover more people with insurance but let's not go there because I know too many people who get beer, booze and grass with money they could spend on their health. That is another blog so save your comments for when I write that one as I will just delete them if you make them here. One laugh I had this week was hearing that someone said anyone who deletes comments are a coward--guess I'm a coward because I do delete comments. LOL

Mouth, legs and neck--I guess after 77 years some things wear out--oh hush-- THAT is fine!