1) I went in a little bit early for my semi-annual crew cut and the skunk haircut disappeared (see last week) even though the mustache is still dark but the white on the sides is natural!

2) Took a picture of the poster for the new Smurfs movie coming--Allen was in there somewhere!!! Talking about movies--not quite sure what we want to see Friday--have no desire to see The Lone Ranger and Allen has seen the World War Z--so that leave Whitehouse down or 3 'art' movies. We will decide tomorrow.

4 & 5) Have you ever had Khakhara? I had never heard of it until I came across it at the Pantry. I binged it and got the following from wikipedia:

"Originating from the state of Gujarat , as part of Gujarati cuisine in India , Khakhara’s are thin crackers made from mat bean and wheat flour and oil. It is served usually during breakfast. khakhra’s are uniquely hand-made and roasted to provide a delicious, crunchy". Khakhra, a famous gujrati snack is made from whole wheat flour, salt, oil and water. The dough is rolled out and cooked on a tava with pressure applied till crisp. Khakhra is healthy, quick to make and goes with curds, chutney, jeeralo and methya keri sambhar. Basically khakhra is a crispy version ofroti.

It came with a small package of masala seasoning--it is extremely tasty and a new taste treat for me.

3) As it is July 4th tomorrow I assumed Cafe Vico wouldn't be serving their 2-4-1 so I suggested we got today after the contrast cat scan since Allen was driving me there. As it turned out it will be closed tomorrow so I was glad we came today. We both had the Pork Oreganata which are two roasted pork tenderloins topped with seasoned bread crumbs, oregano, paremesian cheese on a lemon white sauce and saffron risotto. It was excellent just as the Italian rolls with a cup f seasoned olive oil on the side served with all meals. Mmmmm--can't wait until next Thursday.


I really have to thank all of you for responding to my nervousness regarding the contrast scan---I don't know if it was all your reinforcement or, just maybe , that little lorazapam pill I popped a half hour before. All I know is that it was over before it begand--certainly seemed shorter than the one the previous Monday. We got their at one and before I knew it we were in the car on our way to the bank at 1:30!!!

I am sure I won'r hear from the doctor until Momday or Tuesday so with all that iodine in me I guess I better have chocolate ice cream!!!!


Talking about chocolate ice cream--our local supermarket Publix has a great commercial showing 2 young girls sitting on the porch each with a bowl of organic chocolate ice cream. One asks the other "What does organis taste like?" and the other asnwers "Chocolate icream" and then get s up and starts running into the house. The first girl asks "Where are you going?" And the second girl answers, "Mom said she got organic brocoli!" The first girl is getti gup and says < "Well don't eat it all", as they go running in the houes. I tried to find it on YouTube to post it here but couldn't--keep an eye out for it!


Another commercial is with 4 kids and a man who asks him questions like "What would you wish for if you could wish for anything?". Another question is "Would you rather be fast or slow?" There are about a half a dozen commercials (sorry the name of the company escapes me) along those lines and the kids are just great. One kid wishes she could have a bunny brother so she could take him to show and tell!


Has anyone but me been watching Tyler Perry's "The Haves and The Have Nots" on the OWN (Oprah) cable channel? What do you think?


And the icing on the cake??? My bridge just split in half and no way can I get a doctor until Monday or Tuesday!!!