I've been going to the Riverfront movie house ever since it opened years ago and noticed when the Pita Pit recently opened up but never gave it a try. We were running early today so decided to have lunch before the movie and since we had tried all the remaining (which are few) places to eat on the Riverfront into the Pita Pit we went.
The place is bright and clean while the people behind the counter were cheerful which is always a good start.
I ordered the turkey pita ($6.25) and was asked if I wanted the combo which included a soda and cookie or chips, said "Yes" and the next thing I know I was paying $9.01. There was no explanation of how they work and after I asked I was told to just wait on line and I would be taken care of which I did and was. There are two choices to make regarding what kind of pita---white or whole wheat--you want plus a variety of toppings plus cheeses and sauces, the majority included at no extra charge I added tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cheddar cheese and yellow mustard sauce on a whole wheat pita. I picked a bag of plain baked chips--feeling virtuous that I didn't choose a cookie--and filled my cup with diet soda.
It was a good size pita and tasty but I would rather have gone to Subways if I was going to wait on myself. There is nothing wrong with Pita Pit but nothing to make me want to go back again.
By the way the cashier/order taker said nothing about the Pita Pit reward card and when I got home and went to register it I had quite a hassle finally having to call the number on the back of the card. The bottom line was that I couldn't activate it without buying something first. At this point I just gave up!