People are always making fun about Fort Lauderdale and not having 4 seasons--well these pictures were taken during a cold spell where the temperatures didn't go above the 60s--that IS cold for FT. Lauderdale.

The first picture is just a representative of one of the thousands of canals around the city which is referred to as "The Venice of the USA"--nope not cold enough to freeze over though it did go down to 42 degrees the other morning. Las Olas is the high end dining and shopping area of Fort Lauderdale and includes the Riverfront Hotel, an historical landmark--a few years ago they built a Cheesecake Factory next door to it. Across the street is Kilwin's which is known for home made ice cream and fudge.

If you will notice the trees in picture two have very few leaves--it is winter folks- -they will burst with green leaves comes Spring. The trees are over 100 years old and are in the heart of what was once the shipping center of Fort Lauderdale when it first came into being--their trunks are massive--they sit as a welcome into Riverfront Park which went under a renovation and is still changing continuously.

In the center of Riverfront is a commercial building which has been a 'white elephant' since it opened. Restaurants along with other businesses have come and gone but the movie, cut back from 15 auditoriums to 11, keeps on going and that's where we usually go on Fridays.

A cloudy gray night is rare in Fort Lauderdale but I caught the Bigyear blimp one night flying over the Fort Lauderdale downtown sky almost invisible but certainly loud.

Spring Break has started and the Gay Pride Feast opened this past weekend and we also celebrated St. Patrick's Day with turning the New River downtown green. Wherever you turn there are hot bodies, male and female, each checking out the other seeing what their competition is and a good time is had by all!