When I was tidying up my room, I stumbled across several boxes of slides, once again. There's a complete rack full of that stuff. Actually I'd like to store the boxes somewhere in the most rearward repository I could find. But first I musted look through all the old pictures.

Then I rediscovered my old slide scanner.

And began to scan. Slides of 1995. Negatives of 1977. And the story continues still. There is so much stuff, enough for years. Too much to scan it all. Too much to look it all through. But there are some really great moments, I remember, recorded on filmstrips. I want to fish for them and save them for the digital era. I'm just beginning.

By the way I found a 3 years old negative film in my beloved old Olympus OM camera. There were 3 or 4 images remaining. I took them in the last days and let develop the film. It was such a surprisingly good feeling to use my old camera and to see a little later some really nice black and white pictures!

So I'm thinking on a little come back of the analogue photography for me. Not for the every day shots, but for some special occasions. I love to have this alternative and I'll like to use it.