HMS Edinburgh (D97) the last Type 42, or Sheffield Class, destroyer in the Royal Navy paid off this morning (Friday 31st May 2013) when she entered HM Naval Base Portsmouth for the last time.

HMS Edinburgh (D97) - The last batch 3 Type 42 Destroyer flying her Paying Off Pennant

Edinburgh, having spent the night at anchor in the Solent, was accompanied into Portsmouth harbour by one of the newest commissioned Type 45 destroyers HMS Defender (D36), she received a 21 gun salute from Fort Blockhouse and fly pasts by a Lynx helicopter and a Hawker Sea Fury T20 from the Royal Navy Historic Flight.

Sixteen Type 42 Destroyers were built between 1970 and 1983.
Of the sixteen destroyers fourteen entered service with the Royal Navy and two with the Argentina Navy. Of the fourteen Royal Navy ships two were lost (HMS Sheffield and HMS Coventry) during the Falklands War in 1982.

HMS Edinburgh is the last of her class in service with the Royal Navy, having been launched on the 13th April 1983 and commissioned on 17th December 1985. She will be decommissioned in June 2013, ironically that leaves Argentina with the last Type 42 in service.

HMS Edinburgh (D97) and HMS Defender (D36)

HMS Edinburgh and her crew "Paying Off"

Royal Navy Lynx Helicopter (ZD566)

Royal Navy Historic Flight - Hawker Sea Fury T20 (VX281)