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Carole Boli
il y a 1 heure (mardi 26 août 2008)
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Dear Friend,

Dear Friend,

Although we have never met before, but it's with great anticipation of your understanding that I'm writing you and I hope you will be in good faith to give a deep consideration to my proposal below. I'm currently looking for business partner overseas.

I'm Mrs.Carole Boli, I am the director of account & audit department, Ministry of Economy and Finance of Republic of Cote d'Ivoire. In the course of my official duty, carrying out an extensive Quarterly auditing of accounts under my establishment, I discovered a huge fund (39.599m Euros) in a dormant account, that I instructed its lodgement into a government account/Treasury until the beneficairy is identified. I have made up my mind to move this fund out of my country, it is in this regard that I'm putting up this proposal to you, to go into a partnership/transaction with me to move this fund out of my country, as I need a foreign partner outside my base to do this.

My further negotiation and terms of transaction will continue only after you let me know via a return mail informing me of your interest in this transaction. You can email me to discuss further about possible agreements between our companies, and, perhaps, we can work towards an agreement together.

Please be kind enough to inform me also if you are not interested, so that I can scout for another partner. I'm at liberty to go into an extensive and trust worthy discussion/ negotiation with you in the event that you furnish me with the following:

Your Full Names, Address, Profession, your telephone and/or fax number in your return mail as you read my proposal.

Thanks for taking your time and I look forward to a fruitful transaction with you. Please be rest assured that there is no risk involved because my private investigation show that the funds are overinvoiced payment and will be release directly once a beneficiary is identified. It is in this aspect that I will pass the information of the deposit to you to help facilitate your recongnition and payment. The limit time frame for the confiscation of the fund to government treasury if there is no identifiable claimant in two months.

Hope to read from your response at my email:(caroleboli56@yahoo.fr)

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs.Carole Boli

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