I received an email promoting the views of Prof Ian Plimer. Here is my take on him.

The email says the content is a summary then puts " " around it as though it's a quote, unlikely.




Plimer is not the only researcher with young science success who went on to la la land later in life.

Isaac Newton of maths and gravity fame went into among other things alchemy trying to make gold from other metals.

William McBride discovered the birth defects caused by thalidomide. Read the next episode here:

And at an anecdotal level I have firewood left from last winter and a pile I split for this winter unburnt. It just hasn't got that cold.

There has been no frost. Frost, or putting in a freezer, turns tomatoes to mush. My wife is picking firm freshly ripened tomatoes from plants growing in an open area. Has been since June.

In the Winters of 2003&4 there were light frosts, had to scrape the windscreen before driving, none the past few years. The neighbours on the downhill side have been there since the late 70s. They saw snow occasionally in the first few years they were here but haven't seen any since 1984.

Certainly appears to be warming and getting extreme weather here as the global warming warnings say.