While the governments of the world collude if only by their inaction to the starving of Gaza population--a criminal act by any standard--two boats, full of human rights activits, set out from Cyprus today to try to break the blocade imposed by Israel on Gaza and its people. The people on the boat exemplify principles of commitment to human rights. They also exemplify courage: faced with all sorts of threats to their lives they set off. Hats off to all those decent human beings on these two boats. Hats off to the authorities in Cyprus which facilitated the mission and did all they could to ensure the safety of the boats and the activists while on Cypriote territory.

This is the kind of action that will bring freedom to the opressed not government hot air rhetoric. This is the kind of challenge that needs to happen to bring dignity to all human beings.

Here is a link to the free Gaza movement site where you can get more information www.freegaza.org

Please visit the site and help in whichever way you can.