I have always wondered how come that nobody has seriously brought the proposal of all the Palestinian refugees marching peacefully with no weapons of any kind into what is now Israel to reclaim their right to return to their homes and property. I have always wondered how such a massive peaceful march would be met by Israel and by the world. I have always wondered if this would be a much more potent form of resistance than launching rockets and bombings. Unfortunately we have an impotent leadership which cannot see beyond its own self-interest.

Finally one individual has dared to use some imagination to propose what I have always thought to be the only form of resistance powerful enough to stop even the most powerful army. Is this a sincere proposal? I am not sure if this is yet another scare tactic or a very sincere and genuine proposal to bring about an end to the plight of the refugees. I think that regardless, we should seriously consider such action.

The article below was published by Palestine Media Center






Plan Urges Palestinian Refugees to ‘Return’ to Israel May 14
‘The Initiative of Return and Coexistence’ Eyes UN Resolution 194




Palestine Media Center - PMC

A plan, drawn by Ziad Abu Ein, the Under Secretary of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA)’s Ministry for Prisoners' Affairs, urges the Palestinian refugees to implement the United Nations Resolution 194 to mark the 60th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba and Israel's 60th anniversary, The Jerusalem Post reported on Tuesday.

The plan stresses that the Palestinians can no longer expect to achieve the "Right of Return" at the negotiating table with Israel.

"We must take matters into our own hands," it states. "Negotiations, slogans and UN resolutions are not going to bring us our rights."

Abu Ein's initiative calls on all Israelis to welcome the Palestinians "who will be returning to live together with them in the land of peace."

The Arab countries hosting Palestinian refugees are requested to facilitate the return of the refugees by opening their borders and allowing them to march toward Israel. The plan specifically refers to Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, whose governments are asked to provide logistic support to allow the refugees to carry out their mission.

Arab governments are requested also to provide both financial and political backing for the initiative.

Palestinian refugees living in the US, EU, Canada and Latin America are requested to use their foreign passports to fly to the Israeli Ben-Gurion Airport from May 14-16. The plan calls for the Palestinians to hire dozens of boats flying UN flags that will converge on Israeli ports simultaneously.

To ensure international backing, the plan calls to invite world leaders, the UN secretary-general, journalists and legal experts from around the world to declare their support for the Palestinians' "Right of Return." The Palestinians, in return, would promise to practice their right peacefully and to denounce violence.

The plan calls on the refugees to return to Israel on May 14, 2008 with their suitcases and tents so that they could settle in their former villages and towns. The refugees are also requested to carry UN flags upon their return and to be equipped with their UNRWA-issued ID cards.

Entitled "The Initiative of Return and Coexistence," the plan suggests that the PNA has abandoned a two-state solution in favor of one state where all Arabs and Jews would live together.

"The Palestinians, backed by all those who believe in peace, coexistence, human rights and the UN resolutions, shall recruit all their energies and efforts to return to their homeland and live with the Jews in peace and security," the plan says.

"Fulfilling the right of return is a human, moral and legal will that can't be denied by the Jews or the international community. On the [60th] anniversary of the great suffering, the Palestinian people are determined to end this injustice."

Article 11 of the UN resolution, which the General Assembly adopted in December 1948, stipulates that, "refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible."

The “initiative” is the first of its kind regarding the Palestinian "Right of Return."