I have just received this mail. What are the excuses now? Are rockets being launched from Bethlehem? What could be the thinking other than provocation and arrogance knowing that the Israeli Occuaption Forces (IOF) are untouchable given the protection offered by the war criminal in the White House and his administration. If the Palestinians respond similarly they are called terrorist. I suppose if you are working under state orders terrorism is called "defense" and "war is peace". Welcome to 1984.
Dear Friends, Alumni and Benefactors,
When tragedy and violence come upon us, we are called to pray for peace – work for justice – pray for peace -- and to do our best to continue moving forward with life in hope!
It is just after 10:00pm on Wednesday, 12 March 2008 and the streets of Bethlehem are quiet. As reported on the the Maan News website http://www.maannews.net/en/ , just a few hours ago the Israel Special Forces dressed in civilian clothes and driving a civilian car with a Palestinian license plate, entered Bethlehem and opened fire on another civilian car that was parked outside a bakery about 2 blocks from Bethlehem University, killing the four Palestinian civilians.
Brother Robert Smith, FSC, Acting Vice Chancellor, just announced that Bethlehem University will be closed on Thursday, 13 March 2008, mourning the killing of four Palestinian men in Bethlehem on Wednesday, 12 March 2008.
Unfortunately, it was only six and a half weeks ago that I shared with you similar sad news when one young Palestinian was killed in Bethlehem by the Israeli military forces.
Please join us in praying for peace – working for justice – praying for peace.
Together with your prayerful support and solidarity we will continue to move forward and provide the students entrusted to our care with the best education possible. This we must do! To do so for us is what it means to pray for peace and to work for jusitice.
Thank you for your ever faithful and kind support and solidarity.
Brother Jack