Democracy. We are constantly told that what the Middle East needs is more democracy. The war criminal in the White House tells us that is why he sends other people's sons and daughters to Iraq to kill and be killed: to bring "freedom" and "democracy" to that part of the world. The catch is that when people choose the wrong guys then they are punished.

In Gaza the situation has been going from bad to worse since the election of Hamas (before wasn't good either). Last week hospitals stopped performing surgeries because of lack of medication and anesthesia. People are not allowed to leave the ghetto to get medical treatment, work, etc...and the world sits watching silently as the children of gaza (some 60% of Gaza population are under 17) die a very slow and painful death. And of course the victims are the ones who are blamed. Below is a report by the Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem and another article from Palestine Monitor about the humanitarian crisis (this word is too sanitized I think) in Gaza. I don't quite know what can be done to help though and that is what is so painful to me.