Martin Luther King Jr.

Beyond Vietnam -- A Time to Break Silence

On April 4, 1967 MLK gave this historic speech which is unfortunately not very well known or referred to in the US either in the media, or in schools. In this speech MLK ties the struggle for civil rights with that of peace and anti-war activism. He ties the struggle for freedom within the US to that of freedom from foreign intervention, occupation, colonialism and imperialism.

It is indeed time to break the silence and to demand from the new president to embark on the road to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; to engage in constructive diplomacy with the rest of the world; to put an end to blind support for Israel and its policies especially that Obama knows very well the situation on the ground and the history.

It is time, Mr. President, to "Break Silence" and to work for peace and prosperity for all. It is time that the words of MLK are not only heard but put into practice.

Mr. President you claim the heritage of MLK and his leadership in the struggle for equality and for freedom. Would you heed the words and act based on the spirit which inspired the words of this monumental speech?