Press Release

Gaza Welcomes SS Dignity


Once again, 27 activists from 13 nations-- including doctors, lawyers, teachers, and human rights advocates-- have arrived in Gaza from Cyprus, united in their determination to break the criminal Israeli siege and shed light on the suffering of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip. They intend to deliver medical supplies, meet with civil society organizations, and volunteer in hospitals.

The One Democratic State Group commends this courageous step taken by the Free Gaza Movement and extends an open invitation to Amre Mousa, the Secretary General of the Arab League, to join the next trip to Gaza.

One passenger, Mairead Maguire, the winner of the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize, stated: "The people of Gaza are part of our human family. The Israeli government cannot cut off Gaza forever. We will come again and again until we reach our family. We go to visit our family, and the Israeli government has no right to stop us."The UN has called the situation in Gaza a humanitarian disaster, but the inhumanity goes on. More than 255 terminally ill people have already died as a result of this medieval siege imposed on 1.5 million civilians.

We in Gaza and the One Democratic State group take heart from this courageous mission by ordinary people from all corners of the globe. Dr. Haidar Eid from Gaza stated 'Their brave and direct action will remind the world of our incarceration and force the eyes of the world to look in our direction once more. We were happy at their safe arrival and thank them for their amazing action."

Once again, we reiterate our call on international civil society organizations to take similar actions as governments and multilateral organizations have stood by silently, and worse, even supported the barbaric Israeli siege on Gaza's 1.5 million people. We know that if we remain steadfast - and with the support of freedom loving - some day soon, thousands of boats will reach our shores.

The One Democratic State Group