Some of you may already know that I do not support either of the main presidential canditates. I would have been inclined to support Obama. His message of hope and change gave me hope initially that things might change under his leadership. After all he is young and well educated and has been a community activist. I thought that he would actually bring the change--or at least put the country on the right track. I was disappointed when he went grovelling to AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee otherwise known as the Israel Lobby or "The Lobby") to express his unconditional support for Israel and then selecting Biden to be his running mate. Biden in a TV interview boasted of being a "Zionist". "I am a Zionist" he said,"you don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist."

Here's the Biden interview.

As the campaign progressed, I became certain that it is politics as usual. The same corporations contribute to both. The same show and the same lack of allowing "outsiders" in the debate all point to one certainty that change will be minimal if at all forthcoming.

Having said that, McCain and his bimbo mate for VP are much worse. It is forgone conclusion that I never even thought of voting for him. A vote for McCain is a vote for the continuation of the disastrous policies of W. McCain's advisor on the economy is Phil Gramm the same Phil Gramm who authored and pushed legislation which allowed the financial debacle that we have witnessed in the last few weeks. As for Palin everything is the will of god. A pipeline through Alaska, a war in Iraq, a war on Iran or even Russia is the will of god. Scary thought.

However, whatever veil of decency McCain was wearing fell off during a campaign meeting recently. In response to a woman who said that she did not trust Obama because he is Arab McCain had this to say: "No ma'am he is not. He is a decent family man"

There you have it folks you can be Arab or a decent family man but not both. Fanning the flames of racism and hatred among the ingnorant has been the strategy of the right wing neocons. They feed the fear and transform it into pure racism and vile hatred.

In America and to some extent in some European countries it has become open season on Arabs and Muslims. Haven't we learned anything? WWII and the Nazi holocaust are not that far into the past. Are we going to allow this to happen again? Remember, the holocaust did not start with the gas chambers.

The right answer would have been: No ma'am he is not Arab he is an American citizen. If you mean by Arab being Muslim well what difference does it make. America includes many different religions and there are people who don't believe in any religion. Just because one is not Christian does not mean that he or she is not trustworthy or cannot become president of the United States of America.

That would have been the right answer not because it is politically correct but because it is the correct one which is true to the constitution of this country.

Here's a good article I recommend.