Update Update 12.12.13. I'm checking Google image search every couple of days now. If 'ipernity' is entered with a subject into a search, G will indded turn up images from here. However, no 'ipernity' in the search terms, and there's still a very poor return. One is more likely to get completed unrelated images than something from relevant to the search term! If this is important to you, may I suggest you check regularly?

Update some two months later. I've tried searching for named images on Google, some ipernity uploads are now appearing, but only some. Curiously, if I put 'ipernity' into the search terms, the page only returns flickr-based images. Hmmm

The response from ipernity regarding web presence.

Our technical team is currently working on improving our SEO and you should see the first results in less than two months from now.

As soon as the development for the album sets are done the work on the SEO optimization will go a lot faster.

Thank you for your patience and for believing in us.

Kind regards,


Just sent this to ipernity HQ, ipernauts:
I have just crossed from Flickr to ipernity. In-site functionality, speed, quality and control are all absolutely excellent and the community element is rapidly growing. There is furthermore a refreshing lack of troll activity and blatant pornographic display. Ipernity is to be congratulated, and got me to move and make an effort to engage.
I have, however, discovered that the web presence for my images has completely disappeared. Links still exist to images that were formerly on Flickr, but nothing appears when searching for images, using 'ipernity' or my handle Gooner67 in the search.
This is a major handicap to ipernity being sustainable and a success from my point of view. I understand that I am not alone in voicing my concern, but ipernity's stock reponse is that it is something 'you are working on'.
Unfortunately, in this age of compulsory and necessary web presence, ipernity is not ticking all the boxes against its competitors. It also reduces ipernity's claim to being a major image-hosting and community site. Invisibility on the web is invisibility in everything these days.
Therefore, please resolve this major lacuna in service provision. There are yet other alternatives for image hosting.