Those of us who enjoy, or who by fascination are impelled into, photographing old places of worship might find the essay written by the great architectural photographer Edwin Smith of some interest. On the one hand it communicates what the drive is which makes parish churches, chapels and cathedrals such a popular subject for snappers at all levels. On the other, it is a fine historical document, describing the protocols, sequences and mores of photographing before mass digital engagement in the craft/art/hobby/pastime. I couldnt trace a date for the article. Smith died in 1971, and the essay is reproduced in 'World of Art: English Parish Churches' (Smith, Cook & Hutton, Thames & Hudson 1976).

November 2013: I've just acquired a 1957 copy of 'English Parish Churches' in mint condition for £6. A right bargain. Now to learn from a master.

The fine-photographs website contains much interesting information about Smith's life, work and techniques.