Op 7 juni 2011 zag ik deze Zacs 335.0 van Spolchemie te Keulen-Gremberg. Het nummer bevat 7917 wat bij de gasketelwagens van het type Zagkks behoort maar als typenummer stond er Zacs op.

On June 7th 2011 i saw this Spolchemie Zacs 335.0 in Cologne. The number contained the 7917 which belongs to the Zagkks Gastankwagons but the wagon was a Zacs. It clearly was not suitable for transporting liquid gasses anymore.

Eigenaar : Spolek Pro Chemickou a Hutni Vyrobu A.S.
Tankcode : L30DH
Volume : 40000 liter
Massa : 31500 kg
Lengte : 17,29m
Asafstand: 7,20m

Van majkl81 heb ik op 3 juni 2013 het volgende bericht ontvangen:

Good shot! Very rare car, only a single one in Czech rep.. This really was originally a Zagkks car (tank with P30DH according to RID), designed for the transport of liquid chlorine. The carbody and its overall assemble by Waggonworks in Studenka, Czechoslovakia, the tank was manufactured by Polish Metalchem in Opole. Type 9-341.0. This one is the only original 400 hl chlorine Zagkks, which was modified years ago for the transport of hydrofluoric acid (‘kyselina fluorovodikova’ in Czech as inscribed on the table). The original number remained the same, only the class marking was changed to the corresponding Zacs (a practice being used in the Czech rep. or in Slovakia).
Spolchemie (AG ‘Spolek pro chemickou a hutni vyrobu’ in Usti nad Labem, Czech rep.) is the owner of a few very rare similar cars with tanks modified for the transport of the HF acid. This is one of them.
The type marking on the table is false, the ’335.0′ (9-335.0 fully) belongs to an older 380 hl type from 1960′s, originally for the deeply frozen CO2 with an insulated tank. One of them (nowadays Zacs, genuine series 9-335.0, numbers 781 5 9**, wothout original insulation) still remains in operation between CZ and Germany.