Yes, Stella used to love me to sing a bit of Marley to her, especially that song. The reason I chose this as the title for today's entry was related to what Stella did this morning. Sa and I were having breakfast and pottering in the lounge room, Stella was still asleep in the bed. Then I heard a little anklet bell getting louder and louder. I turned around and there's Stella, walking up the hallway into the lounge room - she just sits down and starts playing with her magnetic letters. Sarah and I exclaimed with true surprise "Hello Stella!". It's no mean feat to climb down out of our bed (the old brass four poster) but she must have done - I mean, I didn't hear any thud and she certainly wasn't upset. Must have climbed out backwards, feet first (excellent training!). Hard to believe she's not a baby anymore. Speaking of which, I've dug out THAT photo again, thought it would be interesting to have a look at it next to one of Stella.

Yep, she's growing up. Making lots of word-like sounds now. Let me see - the ever popular "yum yum", "dada", "mama", "ball", "there" and, of course "duck", which was probably the first word she ever said. She loves 'em.

Sa goes back to work 3 days a week at the end of June, and I'll be cutting back to 3 days a week for six months. I'll be taking Stella two days a week, Sa will take her two days a week and Keelah one day a week. We'll see how it goes. Personally I'm looking forward to having a lot more one-on-one time with Stella and a lot less time at work.

Work schmirk. I tell ya, sitting in an office chair all day is destroying my body. I'm going to be applying to do some more training at work, another programming course, maybe even a Java certified programmer certification. In any case, it's time to update the CV and maybe start putting out the feelers. Would be good to find something more specialised where I could not have to work on 6 projects at once, with priorities changing weekly. Does that exist?

Well, speaking of work, I have a cold and I have to teach yoga at 6:30 tomorrow morning, so better get some shut eye. Good night.