We knew from very early on that Stella loved music. Sometimes it was only thanks to a particular song that we could get her to sleep at all. She's really taken to moving with the music too, partly due to lots of encouragement from our Lebanese neighbours who clap and beat loudly, crying "Dance! Dance!". Stella obliges gladly. She also lets us know when she likes or doesn't like a song (or anything, for that matter!) by shaking her head or by dancing and swaying along. Have a look at this recent video with me playing the opening to the wonderful George Harrrison's "My Sweet Lord". Stella's very happy.

 And last night in the bath, I started singing Neil Young's "After the Goldrush":


"...look at Mother Nature on the run, in the 1970s..."


What a sad, beautiful, indicting ballad. If we'd all listened then, she wouldn't still be on the run now. Anyway, Stella loved it, swaying and splashing as I sang, and urging me to continue when I stopped. Speaking of things musical, you can also listen to a song I wrote for Stella when she was 3 months old below. She went on holidays and it poured with rain the whole time.