NB: for American readers, substitute the word "diaper" for "nappy"

Well, the parents are very excited tonight - Stella wouldn't sleep until 11:30pm but it didn't matter when, at 14 months old, she sat on one of her potties lying around the place, completely unprompted, and did a wee. We have been training her or at least communicating with her about toilet training since birth really, when, on her 2nd day of life on this cosmic mandala of existence (see Tim and Debbie, Brainspace Vol. 2 - there is no Vol. 1) I heard her grunting and held her over the sink and WHOOSH! A great squirt of liquid poo shot over the sink. Brilliant! It started from there and Sa and I have been taking her to the loo ever since we determined what her cues were (ref Natural Infant Hygiene - don't be put off by the daggy website - the book is very well written). Not that we've been "nappy free", but things are definitely easier in summer.

Not that this is anything new really, I mean the Asians have been doing this since, well, forever. As Ingrid Bauer describes it, "Amazing yet ordinary". It's just been lost through the persistence and determination of a handful of giant multinationals out to make a few bucks. That's right, let the littl'uns sit around in their shitty nappies for hours then chuck 'em in the bin. I wouldn't be happy to sit around in a shitty nappy, so I don't expect my child to.

One big advantage of practicing early potty training (or whatever label you want to give it, if it MUST be labelled) we've found is that we could count on one hand the number of poos we've had to clean from nappies in over a year. Not to say that it's all easy. In fact, a lot of it is hard work, needing to be so attentive to your child's needs - but if you're not prepared to do that, why have kids?

Once again, I've turned a purely happy moment into a political rave. My humble apologies. It was a lovely moment when Stella weed in her potty all by herself tonight. It's midnight. I'm going to bed.