The New Year has begun and Stella has been introduced and re-introduced to the family three times over. She is loving it. Still eating a lot and having a lot of fun. New Year's Eve was the Lam Family dinner and Stella ate tonnes of mushroom. She was befriended by the charming Giri and they had loads of fun spinning his top and playing hide and seek. Stella goes until about 11 when she can hardly walk a straight line. She falls asleep in the car and the transfer to bed has not been too hard as she is so exhausted. On the 1st day of New Year we were cooked for by Ku Ma, a delicious feast as always. This night Stella was so tired she was just lying back relaxing with us and I took this snap of her laying in Lok Sok's lap, very unusual for this super-active girl! I think it was Kung Kung who commented that she is really learning the Malaysian lifestyle. I guess it's in the blood. On the 2nd day, I was amazed that Mei Fong cooked constantly for hours to feed at least a hundred of us, poor thing. She said last year she slept the entire day following this. The food was really excellent too. Stella was wisked away for some time by Mensch who was excited to see a baby this age, so Sa and I had dinner together which was nice.

Next day at lunch Stella got stuck into fish and bananas again - here is a shot of her relaxing in her high chair and having a banana for dessert.

I've been doing a lot of sleeping during the day the last couple of days, I think the heat is catching up with me. I also briskly walked up Melawati hill yesterday and think I might have overdone it a I'm trying to replenish my energy with lots of roti canai, char kuey teow etc etc.