We flew Air Asia, the Virgin of SE Asia (so to speak), to Penang on Friday. I prayed there were no emergencies as the (very young) flight attendants were giggling and taking pics of each other on their mobile phones for most of the flight. Penang is quite green and the pace noticably slower than KL. We caught a taxi to Aunty Liok Yee and Uncle Yoo Fai's place. They had everything arranged for us - apartment, meals and sightseeing. I think I'll start doing chi gung because they were very energetic!

Stella discovered her Malaysian palate and ate fish and bananas like they were going out of style. She was obviously adjusting to the heat during her first lunch in Penang as all she would eat was ice (break to Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby", one of her favourite dance tracks).

We explored Penang on foot and by car, thanks to Aunty and Uncle's generosity. We visited the amazing Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Penang Botanic Gardens, the Spice Gardens, drove up the coast and Penang Hill, did lots of eating, visited the food markets (Pulau Tikus) each morning (Stella discovered noodles and ate oodles of them...mmmm salty!!) and Stella did LOTS of running around. After she settled in, she has been very excited to be here.

I realised at the airport that I still had the apartment key in my pocket...oops. Aunty was very understanding and fortunately Uncle Quah was driving from KL to Penang the next day, so he kindly dropped it off for us.

In KL we were surprised to be picked up from the airport by Hoong, what a lot of driving he had to do that day. Back at Melawati, we learn that Pok Sheen has a new doggy, "Coffee", who was scared of Stella at first but has grown to love her. Stella of course is most excited at having a doggy at home.

Finally In Penang! Yummy Bananas Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion Feeding the Lions Aunty Liok Ee and Stella - Spice Gardens David Brown's Teahouse   





Exhausted Stella and Kung Kung - Melawati