Run Rabbit Run! Well it was a long trip and exhausting, but we survived and Stella was excellent. She wore herself out at the airport before take off so our cunning plan was going swimmingly - until we were told of a 40 minute delay - after we boarded the plane. Still, she did sleep but unfortunately we were ordered to take her out of the bassinette when we hit that was the end of that. Sweet Dreams of Smooth Flying My Fave Book



So it was LOTS of entertaining, walking around the plane, stealing people's water bottles, waving at people, climbing on seats, reading books, the monkey puppet (errrrrgghhh - exhausting monkey), eating, weeing (even once on kung kung - the pitfalls of EC).

Lok Sok met us at the airport and gave us a lift to the Concorde Hotel - very hard to find. But we made it and Stella crashed out quickly. We ate some horrible room service food and in the morning Stella figured out the remote control for the tele pretty quickly (after using it to make a few phone calls).

Off to Penang today.