Today I went to school to start a photography-project with kids. It was the first of the 3 days I will make the project.

It was really interesting and a bit confusing for all. I know most of the kids from my practical time one year ago. But this was also my last time with teaching during the year. So make a good plan was one thing. What is really happen the other thing.

But anyway: All kids had a lot of fun. After a short questionnaire about their actual knowledge we went outside for taking photos. Not much instructians I gave at this time. The kids were working in small groups (2-3 children). After that we discussed about the photo-taking-time.

And I hope at monday more of them will bring an own camera into school. Besides the kids who forgot the camera at home or haven't got it from the parents also a camera with full accu and empty cards, hehe. It made me a bit smile that they had the camera but couldn't work withit.


EDIT: Link to the first questionare. But just in German! If you are interested in English what't about please let me know!