I don't know what you think about X-mas. I am not such a big fan but it's always nice to be with the kids and my sis, her man and my loverboy...

But this is not what I want to tell ya, hehe...

I want to ask you:
Do you have seen some funny or interesting Advent calendars online? I was just laughing that there is an Advent calendar with mathematical things (just in German I think).

Advent calendars are great. Everey day you can open a little door and... SURPRISE! hehe...


German poems (Don't know if the will be cool)

Differnet Downloads (German Book, Software,...) --> I hope it will work anytime...

Animal things

Ulli Stein (just in German) --> thanx Reinhard

Scientific questions (just in German) --> thanx Reinhard

A lot of stars (just in German) --> thanx Rosi

Eulenspiegel-Adventskalender --> thanx bnjmn.blmchn

schuetzerp (Reinhard) is making an own Adventscalendar. Here is 1 --> thanx

X-Mas in... Find the country (in English) --> thanx Chillimuncher

Something for Kids (in English) --> thanx Chillimuncher

Weihnachtszeiten ---> thanx winter*kind