Painful time is over. The new medicine I got at monday helped like a wonder. After 2 weeks with this eye-problem I am feeling much better.
I don't got the normal view back till now. I am feeling kinda... in German I would say: Wie eine Schleiereule, weil ich so eine Art Schleier vor dem Auge habe. (Vielleicht kann mir das jemand in Englisch übersetzen? Wäre toll!)
But normal life is coming back... step by step... and sitting at the PC isn't so terrible anymore. Yes I know... besides the internet is a normal life but if you are a student the PC is part of this life. And doing something with pix is a part of my life too!

But I don't want to forget to thank you!

  • Your wishes made me feeling a bit better
  • Your dances were so powerful
  • Your hugs were really warm
  • Your Shine On's were shining inside me
  • You crossed the fingers in the right way
  • You gave me the time
  • Your poetry was perfect

Now I know again why it's here a bit like feeling at home...
Thanx my friends for being here with me!

And I will be more active here again... I nearly forgot to say that... hahaha...