hi kira this last weekend was bad in church so bad they had to remove her and call me out of church and take her out with me and she still misbehaved sassing me and the teacher mean to the kids so she had to clean her room and it took for ever but she did it then Monday at school she was bad enough for the teacher to call me again sassing teacher screaming i got to pee in the class talking to friends when she was supposed to be lessening to the teacher and today she has been saying loudly that she is Hungary and i know she ate breakfast and worst yet she has a bad habit of not pulling up her pants and they slip down and all her pants no matter what kind or size i get she does this but wurst yet when the teacher asked her to pill them up she pulled them down and mooned the whole table she sat at i tell u all i want to scream they gave her new meds' lets hope this gets better cause i'm ready for them to send her to mack a special school for kids like her i'm like where can i sign