Since days I am editing the photos of ancient cities from my last trip. Stones, stones, trees, very old stones, very old trees... Now I've stopped with a question in my mind. If I close my eyes I can see it: It is written on various languages on stones and wood and was getting bigger and bigger: Is it insane to shoot two thousand years old stones in the Selfie-age? Is it something like shooting dead bodys instead of living creatures? So a kind of a runaway from the actual reality? Where is the real living element? Is Selfie a photograph?
Maybe the cause for this confusion was a tweet about Sefies. Someone was asking if anybody else is as disturbed as her because of this fashionable behaviour. I am not disturbed. I cannot feel anything. Selfie has no meaning to me.
It changes the relation between the subject, object and photo; the life and the photo. It is like that: someone has to live something to make a Selfie possible. Life is gonna to be lived to produce more Selfies.
At the end I cannot make a valuable judgement about Selfies because I cannot feel anything about them. They're totally meaningless. I remember only, that shooting photos needs to be related to others (human being, tree or stone), going closer to them, feeling or getting information from them. And to try to tell something.
Some photographers can use themselves as objects or elements of stories and they can produce meaningful, impressive works too. So, maybe not "others" but "objects". The Selfie doesn't have an object.
I am looking for answers. Is a Selfie a photograph? Is it insane to shoot old stones in the Selfie-age?