As a human being with an endless enthusiasm for history I am lucky for being born here. If I am using the words "lucky" and "born here" in a sentence together I have to mention immediately that I am talking only about the ground on which many civilisations have followed each other and let so much behind them for us to see, to wonder. I am shooting in various ancient cities since ca. 40 years. My albums here don't include old ancient city photos. (I don't know why.) Last week I've made a trip to some ancient cities and made photos and have decided to upload some here. So I've built some albums and brought everything together in a folder named "Ancient". I have more; I need to edit them. The folder "Ancient" will include more albums in the future.
I will mention one shot from my last trip to the ancient: "The fighter's niche". There is a cell (ca. 1x2 m.) in the theatre where the fighter had to wait for his "program". And he -or the one in the other niche- couldn't came back. Simple. But it is not simple but confusing to standing there with a digital camera and thinking about which lens to use some thousand years after the death of the last fighter. Or walking on a Roman road's stones in Adada if you feel what you are touching. It's impossible to describe this feeling if you're walking in the agora of Xantos where the Likians have committed a mass suicide.
Here some selected photos from different ancient cities:
At least the explanation of why I am lucky: The relation with the past needs some experience. And this means not "knowledge". You have to go beyond the first impressions which are mostly dominated by wondering or admiration. If you have so many chances for "touching" the past you have the ability to "normalize" this contact and feel something alive.