Hi! In my corner in Ipernity I have some photos which, I hope, are telling something. I am trying to tell stories with films, mostly. I make documentaries, shorts and experimentals. My name is Ümit Kivanç.
I have a website about my films but this is mainly Turkish, there are only a few English pages: www.gecetreni.com. So:
My non-Turkish/non-Kurdish (non-commercial) movies, English subtitled films, music videos and films without words can be found at:
Or you can visit my Youtube-channel:
One of my movies is a film "about conscience and free market", titled as "16 Tons". This is an ironic approach to the history of humanity and at the same time the story of a song. It has a special website with a lot of additional info:
www.riyatabirleri.net/16tons_main.html. This film has an English version and can be watched as a whole or in parts. What can be interesting for the people here is: this is a 84 min. movie made of animated photos, drawings, illustrations.
(I am part of the big float from Flicker in May 2013 and feel so far excellent here!)