Editorial Photographers UK (EPUK) A pro based discussion group are so concerned over infringement of photographers rights they have launched www.photorights.org to keep track of access denial incidents and try and provide some basic information about what photographers may legally do.

This service is not just for the seasoned pro, but for anyone who wants to legally take photos in public places

So far, these incidents are getting recorded piecemeal, if at all, at dozens of different locations, where everybody grumbles for a bit and then gives up.

Photorights is open to pro’s and amateurs as both groups are encountering problems, and wants to become *the* UK access monitoring site, so we can amass evidence for effective use, press reporting of the issue, and public debate.

So if you have problems with police, private security, members of the public or jobsworths please report it in the forums.

So if you use a Canon G9 or any other camera; go and bookmark this site now, you never know when you might need it!