Just when you think Yahoo! can't do anything more brain dead than the Flickr changes or the daily changing logo campaign, they do.

Now it's Yahoo Groups. You might have noticed that at least half the mailing lists in the world are Yahoo Groups, following that company's acquisition and digestion of the previous provider.

You might even have noticed that some of your Yahoo groups no longer work. Among other problems, HTML is often passed through unformatted in one big paragraph. At other times, the > sign for quotes, which dates at least to USENET, is often sent as [ampersand]gt; .

One list admin I know asked Yahoo nicely. He got the same Thea Lamkin speak mentioned in my last article. Oh, by the way, even she has left and gone on to better things. Other employees bade her farewell in some kind of ceremonial mock execution, complete with a barrage of Nerf darts. After her time in Hell, I hope she has gone to Heaven. She certainly deserves it.

Anyway, the auto-reply was something about how they realized that The New User Experience would take some getting used to, but that there was no way in the aforementioned Hell that they'd ever change it back to The Old User Experience. In other words (again), shut up and go away.

Damn, I am SO grateful for Ipernity.