Our favorite corporate flakenista, one Thea Lamkin, whose title is something like Minister of Community, has dropped her terrible swift sword again. She closed "Feedback" (read sandbox) for the second time. There is no more evidence that a single word in these 10,000 some posts was taken any more seriously than the first time, when the thread was closed after 33,000 posts.

As a service to the thinking public, we hereby translate her corp-speak into something ordinary English speakers can read. Francophones: you're on your own. Sorry about that, but it's tough enough wading through it in my native language.


The time has come to close this thread. Thanks to all who provided constructive feedback, and who helped convey issues they were having with the new design.

Look, losers, we gave you a place to spout, hope you liked it. We don't have any more time to waste on you, since we really hoped you'd all switch to Ipernity and leave Flickr to its new core demographic of ADHD-afflicted snapshooters with lots of their parents' money to blow on the crap that our advertisers are trying to sell. We'd really thank you more if you just disappeared.

If you feel you have not gotten a direct answer to your particular question: please look at the Staff responses posted at the top of this thread.

See, we did write something. Of course it was mostly "play nice with others" while ignoring the issues. However, we also said we aren't ever changing it back, so stop whining and go away.

We will be watching for bugs daily and providing answers and updates when possible.

Look, you old farts, if you worked the hours we do for the pittance we get, you'd understand why we have better things to do than keep posting every 6 hours that we aren't ever changing it back. Now, get lost .

As this is the Help Forum, any feedback-related threads that are started will be closed. We're currently looking into a better solution and platform for your continued feedback.

We got sick of these thousands of posts about stuff we're not going to fix. The 'better solution' will undoubtedly be for you to write articles on Ipernity that we'll never see.

(Edit for wording.)

The first version of my post would have been the worst PR since the Louisiana oil spill, or at least since our CEO said professional photographers no longer exist. Even as Neanderthal a company as Yahoo would have fired me in a second.