We're the n00bs here. Let's not screw it up.

So far, the best thing about ipernity is that there are real people at the other end. They're nice, and they look cool in their photos. They breathe and eat and do all the same things we do. They actually give a damn what their users think. How original in the reign of the idiot boy-king called The Corporations.

Let's appreciate their efforts.

The second best thing about ipernity, for me anyway, is its international focus. Let's embrace this. Being an L.A. boy, I'm fairly good at Spanish, though I must admit that what's spoken here and what's spoken in Spain are quite different. More recently, I've fallen in love with the French language, and while I can't speak it worth a darn, I'm trying to learn.

Let's live in the world, not transplanted versions of the U.S. mass culture.