Very often I remember that day as a revelation.

I was alone at home and I felt deeply sad for different university matters. I was really desolate and that was one of those moments one needs to talk to or just listen some kind words that ease your anxiety. But my attempts to contact with some of them were useless. I couldn’t get through my best friends because they were busy, my sister was not interested in my personal matters and talk to my parents would be the worst of the remedies.

Meaningless I began to wandering looking for a solution that wasn’t coming out. Tired of no hope I finally sat down on the floor completely defeated and I burst to cry like a desperate child. I felt so alone that I believed myself the loneliest person on Earth. I lean my head on my knees as I went on crying with no possible solace. It was after being trying to get rid of my pain in vain that I realized a soft blow on my left knee.

Slowly I raised my head still stammering and confused, trying to breathe with effort.
And I saw him, my loyal dog, sat in front of me, his eyes as bright as were mine. He stood there with his big brown eyes fixed on mine, we stared at each other for more than seconds and with no words on the air he talked to me more than a human could have done. Eagerly moving his tail I timidly smiled to him as I dried my tears with my sleeve. In a sudden movement he rushed to the hall turning to me as if he were checking my reaction and waiting for me for some seconds. Slowly I stood up and came into his game. My pain passed since I finally could count on a real friend that knew what I was feeling.

I know he had understood my pain. I just needed a friend; nobody could attend my need while they were looking after their own business unlike he who had no more need just see me happy. He got my smile with no hypocrises or interests. That was a friend.

I felt better after playing together, after all my problem was not as terrible as I had thought.

He died eight years later.