This is the route we tried to follow on our way there. I don't know if we managed to stick to this route but we arrived there eventually :-)

The landscape was fantastic and I was amazed by the huge difference in the amount of living space a few kilometers further north than the center of Amsterdam! We passed trough many cute neighbourhoods, and I kind of startded thinking we should look for a house there, since we have to move out soon anyway.

After leaving behind all city buildings, we entered the world of animals and green fields. It was really beautiful especially because of the sunlight.

We eventually arrived at Marken. It was not even too tiring to bike all that way. It didn't take us much more than an hour I suppose. The village of Marken was quite picturesque! And, because of the sun there were many turists hanging around and there was a lot of movement in general.

If you haven't had enough yet, take a look at the album where I have updated all photos from the trip.

Next plan is to go all the way to the north of Holland to see the huge dyke that makes sure we stay dry. Anyone want to join?