I was a student mentor again this year for the new students of the Logic program. Nothing special. Just giving them practical advice for things they will need to know, and being available through the semester to answer to any questions they might come up with.

First thing I told them? You can see on the picture. I made sure they all know that the laws of Murphy do exist, and told them about my story of breaking my knee here in Amsterdam just after my health insurance had expired for the first time in my life after 26 years... Plus, it was the first time I ever had an accident. Plus I was in the Netherlads where you pay incredable ammounts to the hospitals even if you just have a headache. Plus I had to go back to Greece for 7 months so my study was interapted.

I think I convinced them at least to check whether their health insurance is valid or not. I bet I could make money from health insurances if I give them my story to advertise themselves! Wanna bet? :-)